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Probably the best solution
for an online store

Why ReadyCMS?

ReadyCMS is an online cloud platform that provides you with website editing, online sales and detailed analytics to learn everything you need to know about your customers. ReadyCMS automatically connects with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics for more detailed tracking of user actions.

Vaši proizvodi bilo kad, bilo gde, svuda!

Your products, anytime, anywhere, everywhere!

Use one platform to sell products, to anyone - anywhere. With ReadyCMS, your products can be placed on your website, social networks, mobile applications, and other websites very easily.

Set up a Facebook catalog and Instagram shop in a few minutes

With ReadyCMS, our team will set up automatic synchronization of products with the Facebook catalog regardless of the number of products. This option will save you a lot of time!

Podesite Facebook katalog i Instagram shop u par minuta
Napredni SEO na dlanu

Advanced SEO in the palm of your hand

Automatic settings will improve your SEO right from the start, but also allow experienced SEO professionals to optimize your website in the right way.

Faster shopping with fast websites

You too can have a very fast website, and this platform will make it possible.

Brže do kupovine uz brze sajtove

Stock and inventory management

If necessary, you can manage stock and inventory through the system itself.

No updates,
plugins, or bugs

Some features will be available to you with just one click.

user activity

Every change is recorded in the system.


Designed professional-looking emails will amaze every customer.

Linking payments
through banks and payment systems

PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, or Banca Intesa - all integrations are possible.

without issues

Your store can have an unlimited number of languages.

All in one place

Very abundant and accurate analytics that contain all the important statistics to monitor and improve performance. Our team uses this analytics daily to make social media campaigns as successful as possible and to target audiences with Google ads as well.

You can also find most of this data on Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Analytics, but there is a difference! Here the data is 100% accurate!

Everything you need
regarding orders

Detailed reports and charts on sales, promotions, carts, and customers. Easy recognition of the target group and user habits.

Detailed view of completed and unfinished orders
Easily notify customers about the status of their order
Annual, monthly and daily sales views

Gain insight
into customer habits

Easy recognition of the target group and user habits.

You will know on which days and
At what time most sales happen
Do men or women buy more

campaign performance

Find the right recipe for boosting sales.

Track product additions to cart, as well as removal
Tracking checkout events
Monitoring of UTM campaigns
Sales analytics from Facebook, Google or other channels

Find out
where your customers come from

This is one of the most important pieces of information you can have.

Detailed analysis of sales by city and country
Best-selling products by city
Shopping time by city or country

sales information

It's very easy to infer conversion rates and track the growth or decline of your sales campaigns.

All the economy
in one place

Detailed analysis and sales analytics will help you plan your income and expenses better.

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Everything is possible!

The integrations are limitless

If you have an online store, you will probably need integration with the bookkeeping system, stock synchronization, automatic ordering of goods, but none of this is a problem - all options are still open!


So far, we have integrated several bookkeeping systems. What matters is that the system you choose has either an online service or automatic export to a remote location via FTP.


Bizni Soft

and many others...

Tickets and ticket payment

Do you need to generate tickets automatically? Maybe you have control ramps or gates that require QR codes? Call us and see if such integration is possible.

to portals

If you want your products to be found on other portals, there are options to select and filter products and choose what information to share with them.


Kupujem Prodajem

and many others...

Banca Intesa

Online payments

NestPay and payment
via Banca Intesa

ReadyCMS supports full integration of payments through Banca Intesa.
In cooperation with colleagues from Banca Intesa Support Team, we successfully integrate payment within a few days.

In addition to the payment integration itself, our team can tell you exactly what criteria are needed to meet and give guidelines about the documentation on the website and other important details without which you can not get the approval of your online store.

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How to

save money with ReadyCMS

ReadyCMS is a platform that does not take up unnecessary time. There is no need for updates, worries about plugins, add-ons, etc. Website development is fast and allows you to integrate various solutions, which may not be part of the system itself.

annual costs

There are no additional maintenance costs. Yes, there are license costs, but look at it as an investment in software to help your business thrive.


Not only do you save time for you and developers, but you also save money, because modifications and integrations are very easy and efficient to implement. As your website or application develops, everything goes faster.

Lower hosting
costs by up to 80%

Reduce your server costs by up to 80%, depending on which hosting you currently use, if you switch to this platform.

Forget about WordPress
and other CMS solutions

We have nothing against WordPress and other CMS solutions, what we are saying is from experience that is not only ours, but also that of our clients.
Currently, the percentage of clients choosing ReadyCMS over WordPress is 10:1 in favor of the ReadyCMS system. It simply has much more to offer - the advantages of a centralized system with the possibility of custom integrations.

WordPress is public and that makes it an easy target

The big problem with an open source system is that anyone can study it and find loopholes that they can exploit. Yes, there are a lot of security issues that can be solved with additional protection, but that only slows down the system.

The more plugins, slower the performance

Each new functionality is a new plugin that is installed. You always end up with plugins to speed up already existing plugins. Our plugins are already integrated into the system and designed not to interfere with the operation of the system.

It's hard to progress because it's a simple platform

Although it is a good solution for stores with several hundred products, there are system upgrade problems that are mostly solved by creating a new website.

Over 3M €
of sold goods through ReadyCMS


Products on the platform


Users on the platform through different clients


Gross volume of goods sold in millions of euros


Total number of orders