In our creative agency we can say that during 5 years of our existence, we have cooperated with a lot of small, medium and big enterprises from across the world, on both big and small scale projects. Fruits of our labor can be seen on many websites and brands on Asian and Middle Eastern markets, European markets, and even in North America, where we provide services to our clients and help them in development of their platforms.

As a digital agency from Gothenburg and Belgrade, Serbia, we had ample opportunity to work with people from the startup culture and well as many other industries. We offer a package of services tailored to every client’s needs. Due to our flexible offer and professional approach to every client, we establish long-term cooperation with companies, because we always work toward their goals and are readily available.

Creative Brackets digital agency owes its growth in big part to our team, but to our clients as well, who recommend us to others unconditionally.

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We nurture the right values

Every job we take is handled diligently, as it represents our future. That is the very reason we approach each and every project like it’s part of us, and to every client as a potential partner for a better and brighter future. We will take care of your project and business, and we do not expect anything else than great cooperation - because we work WITH you, not FOR you.

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Our job doesn’t stop at 17h

Each member of our team strives for daily improvement, and for that reason we give our everything to learn, explore and participate in various IT events. Beside visiting different conferences and meetups, members of our team take part as speakers and course leaders. We can say with great confidence that we are welcome guests year after year.

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We invest in quality

It is important to mention that we make long-term budget allocations for tools, which help us in our work and improve the results, as well as education and workplace improvements. Our clients understand that it is very important for us to make progress, because our success means their success too.

Always ready for cooperation

Since its inception, Creative Brackets digital agency has extended the cooperation to partnership established on mutual respect, trust and business goals, all for the needs of our associates and clients.

By putting together different types of expertises and people, mixing our creativity with well known processes and structure, we have trained to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, in order to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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